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0000052NewsStatsTabulationpublic2013-09-02 14:52
Assigned Tothh 
Product VersionProduct Build 
Target Version0.01Fixed in Version0.01 
Summary0000052: gatherstats crashes
DescriptionUndefined subroutine &main::ParseHierarchies called at ./gatherstats.pl line 149.
Steps To ReproduceRun gatherstats
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related to 0000049resolvedthh "Virtual" .ALL groups are missing if every group in that hierarchy has 0 postings 



thh (administrator)

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Was added with commit b5125b1099cf5cf12beb0520d5896b9a1d7850ae while fixing 0000049.

ParseHierarchies must be ex- and imported.



thh (administrator)

Fix committed to next branch as 1703b8e3b454713d4f873acdb5cb400db490a152: Get empty 'virtual' hierarchies working.

Commit b5125b1099cf5cf12beb0520d5896b9a1d7850ae
was broken.

We didn't add empty .ALL hierarchies as needed;
we added empty (non-existant) hierarchies without
appended '.ALL', and didn't add the original
empty group we started with.

(What's more, gatherstats didn't even start any
more due to missing ex- and import of
&ParseHierarchies from NewsStats.pm.)

Fixes 0000052 (and some more breakage).

Signed-off-by: Thomas Hochstein <thh@inter.net>

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