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thh thh next 2012-05-02 16:11:43 master 3c7a7dfe
Affected Issues  0000012: Enhance input validation and error handling.
 0000015: Wrong output padding
 0000032: groupstats: redo output format, sensible defaults
 0000033: groupstats: redo commandline options
 0000034: Add new report type: average
 0000035: additional output for reports
 0000036: Better implementation for "all"
 0000037: Better assembly of newsgroups lists
 0000038: Allow upper and lower limit
Changeset Complete rewrite of and

* Switch to Getopt::Long, change coding style;
  limit line length.

* Replace 'die' and 'warn' by calls to &Bleat().

* Completely redo options and processing:
  - merge -m/-p/-a into --month
  - replace -i/-q/-d with - much more powerful -
  - replace -t/-l with - much more powerful -
  - remove -b and replace it with --report

  Fixes 0000033.

* Add new report types, boundaries and sorting options:
  - report types 'average' and 'sums'
  - boundaries 'average' and 'sums'
  - upper and/or lower boundary
  - sort output independently

  Issue 0000035.
  Fixes 0000034, 0000038.

* Add possibility to cross-check newsgroups against
  checkgroups file.

* Complete rewrite of internal logic:
  - modularize construction fo SQL queries
  - remove unnecessary special cases
  - refactor code into functions as much
    as possible

  Issue 0000037.
  Fixes 0000036.

* Rework output formats, fix padding problem by making use
  of modularized SQL queries.

  Fixes 0000015, 0000032.

* Add some more consistency checks.

  Issue 0000012.

* Redo documentation.

* Update TODO list.

Signed-off-by: Thomas Hochstein <>
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