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0000027NewsStatsReportspublic2018-01-01 21:33
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Summary0000027: Save reports to file
DescriptionIt's already possible to redirect output from STDOUT to a file, but it would be preferable if groupstats would be able to save it reports automatically, month-wise (except for -b and -l output).

groupstats should accept a filename template, e.g. "stats", and create monthly report files "stats-2010-01", "stats-2010-02" etc., according to the time period setting.

'-f' could be used as a command line switch for that.
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2010-11-01 22:11

administrator   ~0000015

Fix committed to master branch as 78389b28e945178cad3f43a63e5d1091334e8dab.


2018-01-01 21:33

administrator   ~0000083

Mass closign resolved bugs.

Related Changesets

NewsStats: master 78389b28

2010-11-01 14:57:18


Details Diff Add '-f' option.

Add '-f' switch to save monthly reports to a file with
a filename made up by adding year and month to template
submitted via '-f filename': filename-YYYY-MM
Modify OutputData() accordingly.
Ignore '-c' if '-f' is set.
Allow & force '-o dump' if '-f' is set even if a time
period is defined.
Change documentation accodingly.

Fixes 0000027.

Signed-off-by: Thomas Hochstein <>
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