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0000056NewsStatsReportspublic2018-01-01 21:56
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Target Version0.02Fixed in Version0.02 
Summary0000056: Upper/lower boundary of 0 is ignored
DescriptionIf you call with an upper (or lower) boundary of 0 (zero), the boundary condition is ignored.
Steps To Reproduce$ -m 2015-01:2017-12 -r avg -b level -u 0 -o postings-desc

This report should include all groups that have no (0, zero) postings for the whole time (of three years). In fact, it inlcudes all groups. The boundary condition "--upper 0" is ignored,
Additional InformationThis bug is due to the code checking for upper or lower boundary being TRUE instead of defined(). A boundary of "0" is understood as "no boundary set".
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2018-01-01 21:56

administrator   ~0000091

Fixed by b5ef5726

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NewsStats: next b5ef5726

2018-01-01 21:29:00

Thomas Hochstein

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Accept an upper/lower boundary of 0 (zero).

The code checks if a boundary is set by looking
for a TRUE value, but 0 is FALSE. It has to check
whether the variable is set, i.e. defined(),

Fixes 0000056.

Signed-off-by: Thomas Hochstein <>
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