Released 2011-07-24
0000011: [General] syntax of mail address should be checked (thh)
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Not Yet Released
0000042: [general] checkgoups served from database have wrong format (thh)
0000039: [i18n] Save language selection in (session) cookie (thh)
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Released 2013-09-02
First official release.
0000013: [Installation and Configuration] Input validation / error handling for configuration files (thh)
0000014: [Reports] Allow report generation for whole dataset (thh)
0000015: [Reports] Wrong output padding (thh)
0000016: [Reports] High execution times for level (-l) queries (thh)
0000017: [Tabulation] Make tabulation aware of existing newsgroups (thh)
0000018: [Tabulation] Completely update tables when re-running (thh)
0000027: [Reports] Save reports to file (thh)
0000030: [Raw Data Gathering] will loose database connection permanently when interrupted (thh)
0000031: [Raw Data Gathering] should be able to buffer output (thh)
0000032: [Reports] groupstats: redo output format, sensible defaults (thh)
0000033: [Reports] groupstats: redo commandline options (thh)
       0000034: [Reports] Add new report type: average (thh)
0000036: [Reports] Better implementation for "all" (thh)
0000037: [Reports] Better assembly of newsgroups lists (thh)
0000038: [Reports] Allow upper and lower limit (thh)
0000049: [Tabulation] "Virtual" .ALL groups are missing if every group in that hierarchy has 0 postings (thh)
0000052: [Tabulation] gatherstats crashes (thh)
0000053: [Reports] Improve output padding (thh)
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Not Yet Released
0000056: [Reports] Upper/lower boundary of 0 is ignored (thh)
0000051: [Reports] Use sensible default for sorting order ("grouping") (thh)
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Released 2010-11-01
Maintenance release.
0000028: [General] First post of a new projekt in test mode will have empty X-Supersedes (thh)
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Released 2010-08-15
0000006: [General] Tests posts should have modified headers (thh)
0000007: [Packaging] Configuration files are overwritten (thh)
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